5 Great Marketing Tools Email Service Providers Offer Businesses

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Here is an audio recording I made about five great marketing tools most email service providers offer businesses.

*This recording was made using a mobile phone on the free service Utterli.

Still not convinced that you need to get an email service provider for your business or organization? Here are five features you will find most email companies offer. Many of these features are built in to your service package. Visit our email service provider page for a list of great email companies that can help your business go to the next level in email marketing.

1. Autoresponders
These are automatic emails generated at pre-set intervals that will go out to your subscribers. Great for delivering multi-step information or leading prospects through a sales funnel. We currently use Aweber to handle all our autoresponder campaigns.

2. A/B spit testing
This feature allows you to split your subscribers into two lists and test various emails. You can determine the effectiveness of an email campaign based on which segment has more response.

3. Metrics
See how many people clicked on the links in your email. Also some email service providers allow you to get down to the micro level and see exactly who clicked on each link. Great for following up with prospects who showed interest but didn’t buy from your business.

4. RSS & blog feed to email
Have your blog posts automatically sent to your subscribers’ inbox. You control when they get the information and don’t have to rely on them to visit your blog on their own.

5. Surveys
Take digital surveys asking prospects, clients, and subscribers to rate your products and services.

Joel Mark Witt is a producer, speaker, and new media leader who writes about social media and its impact in the business world. He is also the Founding Director of Folk Media. Follow him on Twitter.

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