Baltimore Social Media – February 2010

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Will (@willdavis) and Steve (@1stmarinerbank)

On February 23, 2010 several communications professionals gathered at the Austin Gill in Canton for Baltimore Social Media. It was an informal meetup (sometimes called tweetups) to connect people.

We had a great eclectic mix of people from all kinds of industries and businesses in and around Baltimore. Here’s a partial list of who was there…


We got to as many people as we could on this list and took some snapshots of the evening. But we’re sure we missed many people who came and went during the evening. If you were there and aren’t on the list – let us know through Twitter @folkmedia. Also be sure to tag photos on Facebook.

Jason (@MDLottery) Will (@mdchamber) Dan (@dankeebler)

Eric (@ericalpin) Nichole (@nichole_kelly)

A great big thanks to the Austin Grill in Canton. Despite the fire alarm issue, we all had a great time.

Baltimore Social Media is an informal exercise in meeting and talking with people you may or may not know in the Baltimore communications field.

If you are in the communications field (marketing, PR, journalism, writing, blogging, Twittering, video, podcasting etc) then you would fit right in.

Gordon (@ecogordo)

Robyn (@pettagcreations) and Justin (@justinkownacki)

Jackson (@jacksonlewis) Dawn (@LyriqueTragedy)Andrew (@theoccasional)

There’s another one coming in March. If you live in the Baltimore region, we’d love to have you join us.

Official Hashtag: #baltimoresocialmedia

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