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This post was written by guest author Joshua Lyons.

Blogs! These are the culprits that make the newspaper editors tremble with fear at their desks.
Why should your business think about using a blog? What is the importance of having a company blog?

There are many reasons why a blog is valuable for business. Three of the top reasons are as follows:

  1. Blogs are extremely valuable for advertising purposes.
  2. Blogs are excellent resources for attaining feedback from customers and clients.
  3. Blogs are valuable for showing the world that you care about people and not just about money.

Blogs are extremely valuable for advertising purposes.

Let’s say you own a health store. A new healthy jam (jelly) just came to the shelves. Your company blog can talk about the new product and explain why it is popular, healthy, and affordable. You’re not saying “come buy this jam” but you are embedding the product into the minds of the readers. This is valuable advertising. A blog is a great way to talk about your products and services.

Use blogs to inadvertently let people know what it is that you do and why it is important for them.

Blogs are excellent resources for attaining feedback from customers and clients.

This is very important. If someone likes your product they are able to share that with all your other readers. Those comments are like free testimonials. Who wouldn’t want feedback like that?

You may occasionally have someone say something negative. That’s good too. This allows you to respond to that comment and, in doing so, people will see that you care about making your customers happy.

How many times have you heard of a comment card being filled out and then being thrown away by management? Many managers don’t care about being critiqued. If a concern is brought up in a blog, the business can show the world that they don’t take negative opinions lightly and the customers’ concerns will be addressed properly. What better way to show the world that you care about the opinions of others. This will inspire people to give you feedback… most of which should be positive.

Feedback also allows you to know what is working well and what needs to be improved upon. Many businesses pay thousands of researching dollars to find out information like this. A blog will provide the information for free!

Blogs are valuable for showing the world that you care about people and not just about money.
By creating and maintaining a blog you can show people that you are a business that’s interested in two-way communication.

Your focus isn’t just about pushing products and getting money. No, rather, your interest is in developing a relationship with your clients and developing a relationship that will encourage customer retention.

When people talk to you, you talk back. You have a voice just like every other person. Also, that voice doesn’t always say “buy this, buy that, buy these.” Rather it’s a voice that says, “We would love some feedback.” and “What do you think of this new product/service?” Let the world know that your business cares.

Joshua Lyons began working in the field of social media through an internship at the University of West Florida in the summer of 2009. He graduated from UWF with a BA in Public Relations in December 2009 and since that time he has been a social media consultant for a Chicago profit consultant, a Chick-fil-A restaurant and a sign shop in Pensacola, Florida. You can check out Joshua’s blog and find out more about him on Twitter or Facebook.

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