Creating A Twitter Workflow

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Why You Need A Workflow

Keeps you organized

Organization is key when you are dealing with mass amounts of information. A short Twitter workflow document can work wonders for your organization.

Saves you time

The goal is to have the maximum impact on Twitter while spending the least amount of time. Time is critical and a workflow can help you achieve better time management, get twitter followers and increase the Twitter followers you have.

Helps you reach the goals you identified in your plan

By having a workflow you are able to work the plan you created. Without a workflow – you are shooting from the hip. Think of the plan as the “why” and “what” of your Twitter strategy and the workflow as the “how.”

What Is A Twitter Workflow?

Think of a Twitter workflow as a “how to” process map

Much like your overall Twitter plan – your Twitter workflow should be short and simple. The key is to treat it like a “how to” process map. When scenario A occurs you take action B. For example, when someone complains about your company or products what is the resulting action? Do you ignore them, engage them, apologize or fight back?

How To Create Your Twitter Workflow

Decide who will champion your Twitter feed

Obviously Twitter is powered by humans. There are tools to augment your Twitter duties but an actual person has to be behind the account. Decide now who that person or persons will be.

This is the document that you use to list Twitter schedules. Who covers weekends? Who covers weekdays? Who covers evenings?

Determine how many times you will update

Your update frequency is important. As you begin to post, you will develop a “cadence” that your followers will come to expect. If you have been posting once per day and suddenly begin posting once every 20 minutes you may shock your followers so much they could unfollow you. Determine your tweet rhythm and stick to it.

List out your negative feedback policy

This is a critical area. How are you going to deal with negative feedback? How are you going to deal with feedback in general? Having this part of your workflow will be critical to your response. (Hint: Your boss will be very interested in this part).

A well defined Twitter work flow can be used as an action document. It should be so thorough that you could hand it to an employee to manage your Twitter feed on their own.


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