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I’ve been thinking and writing about authenticity lately. There is a huge shift in how people respond to advertising and marketing messages.

Watch this video and then see my comments below.

Here’s what I observed.

1) They are relying on novelty to display their ad

This may gain some attention with magazine readers. But I’d guess that it’s getting more attention for ad agencies who are desperately trying to find ways to continue with their old school business model of interruption advertising.

2) There is no value being offered

Where is the value of this ad? If someone is reading a magazine – their mind is in a much different mode than when watching TV.  I would suggest that readers want to see value not novelty.

3) Are iPhone users even reading paper magazines?

This is a genuine question. I haven’t personally done the research – but I’d guess on a gut level that most iPhone users are NOT reading paper magazines and newspapers. They are most likely getting their information and content from the web or…dare I say the obvious…their iPhone.

So I’ll ask again. What are some things you observed?

How to stand out for real

Over at Copyblogger, Sonia Simone has a great article about how attention alone won’t make you rich. She’s right.

But it seems that ad agencies continue to push for the BIG attention getter type advertising.

Get attention. But do it so you can offer your prospects and customers VALUE

Get attention then provide value. Then deliver that value.

In the comments below – list 3 ways that you can grab attention without being novel. In other words – how can you capture attention while providing great value to your prospects?


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