Our Recommended Email Services

Having a good email service or application can make a huge difference in your online marketing.  Here are the services that we have used and have recommended to clients. They are all excellent services. They each have high standards to ensure that spammers don’t use them. For this reason each company below is whitelisted with all the major ISPs.


A Weber is the service we currently use to power all our Folk Media emails. If you are new to email marketing they are inexpensive and provide great auotresponders and email link tracking. They also have RSS to email features built in.


iContact is another good email marketing software company. They have built in RSS, surveys, and autoresponder features built directly into their product.

Constant Contact

With a 60 day free trial (you don’t even have to give them your credit card) you can begin testing to see how email marketing works. Constant Contact is once of the largest email marketing companies. They have a great history of providing excellent service and support.

Blue Sky Factory

For the medium sized business Blue Sky Factory is an excellent choice. They are economical and very supportive. I would say that customer service is the number one aspect reason to use Blue Sky. As a client you are treated to personal one-on-one customer support and training. Plus they offer design and strategy consulting and services.