How To Claim Your Twitter Feed In Technorati

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Written By: Joel Mark Witt

You may already have a blog that you’ve claimed in Technorati.

So you probably know the benefits of Technorati indexing the web within minutes and helping their users get up-to-date information. They are the authority on what is happening on the live web and enable you to track online conversations about you, your sites, your company, and your products.

So why not claim your Twitter feed and contribute to that “live web conversation?”

I think you should. Here’s how to do it:

1. Sign into your Technorati account. If you don’t have one sign up here for free.

2. Select claim your blog from the Blogger Central drop down menu.

3. Click “claim a new blog link at the bottom left of the page.

4. Enter the URL to your twitter profile. And click “begin claim”

5. You will be taken to this screen with a small piece of code.

6. Simply copy the code Technorati provides and make a Twitter post with it in your account.

7. Now head back over to Technorati and click “complete claim.” You should see a page where you can edit your blog settings. Fill out the keywords and other info you want to have associated with your Twitter stream and click save.

8. Be sure to go back to your Twitter account and delete the tweet you made with the Technorati code. Otherwise it will look shabby to others in your time line.

9. Congratulations you have now claimed your twitter feed in Technorati. Your twitter feed will have the same benefits of a Technorati claim as your other blogs.

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