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Learning how to make six figures online

Yesterday Eben Pagan released his new Guru Blueprint program. Eben is an expert at teaching people how to make over $100,ooo per year online. He released three free videos showing how he grew his Information Product business to almost $30 Million in sales – starting out at his computer in his bedroom…

You can watch the free videos here

At the end of the first video, he walks you through simple exercises to target and identify the knowledge YOU have that you can turn into an “Information Product” to sell online (and if you own an Info business already, it will give you a new mindset that will really take your success to the next level).

There’s also a free PDF download of the exercise for you to print out – which is cool.

In the first video, Eben talks about:

  • How a simple eBook that was written in a few weeks became an “empire” of almost $30 Million in sales – with a business that’s run FROM HOME
  • Important new insider trends in the Information Industry that you NEED TO KNOW if you want to succeed
  • The mistake that most Information Marketers make that prevents their products from succeeding
  • The key mindset shift that allows you to identify market and product opportunities… where there are buyers who NEED to buy Information Products – but don’t have products to buy

These are excellent videos for learning how to create valuable content for your business.

Making six figure training part of your business

Back in July 2009 I attended an event that literally changed my life. It was  Eben’s Guru Mastermind training.

It was like marketing bootcamp. We spent two 12 hour days barely breaking for meals.

And I loved it. Meeting Eben was an experience in itself. He has built multiple online businesses that total over $29 million in annual sales and has a virtual staff of 80 people working with him.

Joel with Eben Pagan in Los Angeles, CA - July 2009

One of the biggest secrets Eben told me that weekend was this…

GIVE AWAY all of my best advice, trainings and resources.

“Give away? That would literally ruin any chance for business!” I can remember saying.

After letting his words sink in a little I realized that by giving away our best stuff we would be earning trust and showing exactly how we can help your small business.

Needless to say his lesson stuck.

I came back from Los Angeles committed to creating and giving away massively valuable content

Immediately after the weekend summit I began to ramp up the value Folk Media was giving people. We’ve been giving away free resources since 2008 – but I began to obsess over how we could deliver even more value.

This caused us to start our free teleseminar series, daily blog postings and weekly email newsletters with the goal of helping your small business increase sales and leads. It’s all working. We are helping tons of businesses.

Eben was the catalyst for me and Folk Media to go down this path. That’s why I’m excited about his new training videos he just posted. These videos are focused on internet marketing strategies – but they are applicable to any small business.

As soon as Eben shared these videos I dropped everything I was doing and watched them.. I took feverish notes and learned at least 10 new ideas for our business. I’d recommend you do the same.

Watch them and let me know what you think. I’d be interested to see how many ideas you come up with.

What I learned from watching these videos

The content is the marketing

The blog posts you write, the videos you shoot and the audio you record are ALL marketing. It all makes a statement about the type of information you share. Instead of thinking about creating ads – strive to create helpful content. A “how-to” focused blog can go a long way in helping to attract prospects and customers.

We are all in the publishing business

It was powerful. In the final video, Eben stands in front of a busy Apple store in Southern California. He watches the people walking in and out of the store buying iPods, iPads, iPhones and Mac computers. And he makes a great point.

These people are buying these devices to consume CONTENT.

They want to read eBooks, view photos, watch video and listen to audio. So the lesson here is that a small businesses needs to reach people where they are.

Your number one goal should be to create compelling CONTENT that can live on these devices and reach your customers where they are. Consumers are already increasing the amount of information they consume. Why not create some content to reach customers in this space.

The truth is…. if you want to be effective in the coming years, you MUST learn how to create and share content. Like it or not, your business is now in the publishing business. Welcome to the new economy.

Give away as much value as possible

Eben has this saying called “move the freeline.” Basically it means that he gives away some of his best trainings for free to illustrate how good his stuff is. And it works. He’s built a $29 million per year business GIVING AWAY thousands of dollars of training and advice online.

How you can create massively valuable content for your business

Solve problems

All of your content should be focused on solving problems that your customers have. Don’t spend time talking about theory or teaching. Look at solving immediate painful problems for your prospects.

One great way to do this is to imagine your grandmother having an issue. How would you write to help HER solve this problem?

For example, let’s asssume that your grandmother has a problem understanding how to play a DVD movie. How would you write instructions on how to operate a DVD player if you knew your grandmother was going to read them?

Would you talk about the benefits of DVDs and why they are superior to VCR tapes? Or would you spend time talking about the menus and other options most DVDs have?


You would be VERY specific and work through the problem of getting a DVD to play.

You would be action oriented. You really care about your grandmother and want to see her to succeed in learning to use her DVD player. You would focus on solving her specific “problem.”

You would give your grandmother step-by-step instructions on how to open the DVD player, insert the disc and start the movie. That’s what your grandmother wants to know. It’s her “problem.”

Eben’s Guru blueprint program could “help his grandmother”

What strikes me about Eben’s videos are his simplicity and focus on results. By creating checklists and worksheets he has created a simple, action oriented, results focused training. I see him practice what he preaches by creating amazing trainings.

He is obviously targeting people who want to start online businesses. But I’m convinced that the principles and information about how to do this can be applied to ANY business.

Today’s Action Step: Watch Eben’s three free video trainings

I’m curious to hear what you learn about creating massively valuable content for your audience/ prospects. After you watch these videos – leave a comment below.

Watch the videos here.

Now go take action.


Joel Mark Witt is the Publisher of Folk Media and author of 21 Days To Twitter Leadership. He is a producer, author, and speaker who consults with businesses and nonprofits on how to use social media in marketing and communications. Get more from Joel on Twitter or Google Buzz.

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  1. jessiex says:

    Love the grandma bit of your story. I've dabbled in the world of direct mail copywriting. Read some stellar how-to work from Michael Masterson and his team. One of the most compelling bits I got from his training material (and style) is that successful direct mail copy always written for an audience of one: a specific person you can see/feel/imagine before you. Rock on, Joel. See you around … perhaps at one of the local restaurants in Baltimore you're determined to get to know. 😉

    • joelmarkwitt says:

      Thanks for the thoughts Jessie. Yes – writing for an audience of one is VERY important. Another thing that has helped us here at Folk Media is a laser like focus on results. These together (focus on results and writing to one person) are where all small businesses need to focus.

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