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Why Retweet A Message

A good way to pass along good stuff to your followers

If you are having trouble coming up with original posts and content for Twitter, consider forwarding other’s Tweets along to your followers. In this scenario you act as a filter for mass amounts of content and are sharing the most valuable stuff. You will still be seen as a leader in your industry for pointing out valuable information to your followers.

This is a great way to get started with content for your followers without actually having to create. Of course the eventual goal is to eventually create your own stuff. But this is a good way to get started.

A good way to make friends

When you pass along a message in a retweet, you show up in the @mention area of the person who wrote the original Twitter post. This is a great way to make friends with other people. When they see you forwarding their posts to your network, they can’t help but take notice. Don’t be surprised if you gain them as a follower.

Way to distribute breaking news to your network

If you follow a lot of people on Twitter you will inevitably get breaking news the moment it happens. If Michael Jackson dies, for example, you will be able to forward that news to your followers keeping them in the loop. This type of breaking news is even more important when it has to do with your industry or business.

What Is A Retweet

Like forwarding email

When you receive an email that you would like to pass along to others you press the forward button and choose a recipient. With Twitter you can also forward messages to your followers. By simply placing the capital letters RT (this stands for retweet) in front of the message you are “forwarding” a message. Now all the people following you will see this post.

This can be used to:

  • Show other people you value their message by passing it on
  • Redistribute breaking news to your personal network
  • Keep interesting content flowing without having to personally write anything

Labeling the retweet

To make a retweet you simply copy the original message and add the capital letters RT in front of the person’s username.

Here is an example of a retweet:


How To Retweet

Copy and paste the original message

It is simple to retweet a message. Simply copy and paste the original message into the update box on your main Twitter page. There are programs that will do this for you – but for the purposes of understanding how this works we will go over the manual process here.

Add the person’s @name and RT to the front

After you’ve pasted the message add the capital letters RT and the person’s username who made the original post.


Click update

That’s it. You’ve now retweeted a message. Now all of your followers will see this message.

Remember, the retweet is to supplement your original Twitter messages that you post. Don’t only send retweeted messages. Be sure to add them in with original content.


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  1. mediadancer says:

    Your RT above is a paraphrase from Thomas Edison, vision without execution is hallucination.

    Twitter search is overwhelmed by anything older than a few days. I seriously doubt anyone in the distant future will care or will analyze tweets from the past. Twitter has evolved from “what I had for breakfast” to “what 100 other people are promoting”. And “RT” is rapidly becoming obsolete.

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