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Why Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck helps you organize

Tweetdeck has a multi-pane view like a dashboard. You are able to create multiple columns that allow you to slice and dice information any way you want.

Tweetdeck helps you stay on top of keywords

You can set up Tweetdeck to do auto-searches of particular keywords (like your company name) to display a list of twitter posts containing those keywords.

Tweetdeck runs in the background while you work

By running Tweetdeck in the background on your computer – you are able to work on other tasks and Tweetdeck will alert you and categorize new Tweets when they come through.

Powerful mobile application for the iPhone

It is worth mentioning the power Tweetdeck brings to iPhone users. You can sync your desktop application with the Tweetdeck iPhone application and take all your pre-set alerts, columns and searches with you on the go.

What Is Tweetdeck Used For

Keeps track of all your twitter activity

This is obviously a powerful tool with a dashboard like functionality that keeps track of tweets for you. You can manage your entire Twitter experience right from this application.

Shrink URLS

One of the benefits of Tweetdeck is automatic shrinking of URLs. Most URL web addresses are very long with multiple numbers and letters at the end. Tweetdeck will shrink these for you to a much shorter size.

Manage multiple account from the same application

Much like Hootsuite, you are able to manage multiple Twitter accounts from the same application. The only downside to Tweetdeck is that it lives on your desktop or iPhone as an application and not on the web. This means that if you are using a borrowed computer you are unable to use the application.

How To Use Tweetdeck

Create columns for easy viewing

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up a few columns to keep track of Twitter posts. Tweetdeck comes with three columns as defaults: your friends’ tweets, your @mentions and your direct messages. But you can add a few more columns. We recommend adding a column that searches for your name and another that searches for the name of your business or nonprofit.

Post pictures

If you would like to post a photo in your Twitter stream it is as easy as clicking the small camera icon at the bottom of the update area and then browsing to the photo to upload.

Shorten URLs

To shorten a webs address URL, simple copy and paste into the “shorten URL” field and then click the two arrows pointing at each other.

Email Tweets to people who aren’t on Twitter

A great feature Tweetdeck provides is the ability to email Tweets to people who aren’t on Twitter. If you come across a helpful article or link that someone shares, you can send it to a friend or business associate through email. This also works to send content to yourself for later review.

Tweetdeck is a powerful desktop application for Twitter. It is a great tool to augment your Twitter experience.


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