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Why Use An @ Symbol Before A Message

Directs a public message to a specific person

The @ symbol is very important in Twitter. You are most likely familiar with it when using email. In email the @ symbol directs an email to a domain name. For example This means that the user (joelmarkwitt) is to get an email at the domain ( But in Twitter the @ symbol is used to direct a message to a specific user.

What Do I use

Using the @ symbol shows that you are directing your public message to a specific person. It does not indicate that the message is a private communication between you and another person. Using the @ symbol simply means that you are referencing someone by name in your Twitter post.
For example, if you wanted to direct a public message to me, you would put an @ symbol before my Twitter name (joelmarkwitt) and then type out your message.

All @ symbol posts:

  • Direct attention to a specific person/user
  • Are public
  • Good way to mention someone
  • Can be great ways to get noticed by high profile Twitter people
  • Are used to start discussions
  • Are sometime abused by “spammers” who repeatedly send people @mentions

Here is an example of a Twitter post using the @ symbol. This is one side of a two part discussion:

Here is the message that I  (Joel) was responding to:

How To Use @Mentions


The primary purpose of an @mention is to use it in the midst of a discussion. If you put an @ symbol and the username of the person you are responding to, your Tweet will show up in their @mention area. This is an easy way to carry on a back and forth dialogue.

Get someone’s attention

A great way to attract the attention of a high-profile Tweeter is to direct an @mention to them asking a well thought out question. Everyone pays very close attention to the @mention area of their Twitter page. Call it vanity if you will – but we humans love to see who’s talking about us.

Spread goodwill

Using @mentions is also a great way to spread the love to other tweeters. You can recommend other people to follow. Or you can simply refer to people using their @name in your tweets.

You need to understand and use @Mentions on Twitter. By leveraging the power of connecting with people in discussion, you will build leadership and recognition on Twitter quickly.


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