How To Use Social Media To Find A Better Job Series

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Using social media to find a job online can seem like a dark art. To some it comes easier than others. But there is power in using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools when searching for a job.

We put together a 5-part series on using social media to find a better job that lays out some basics.

  • Have A Personal Website Or Blog – The first step to find a better job online is to create and maintain a personal website and presence. We recommend using a free blog to get started.
  • Make Yourself Seen Online – Your career is now in your hands. You can make or break your own success by how you use or don’t use free online tools to get the edge on your competition.
  • Expand Your Network Before You Need It – If you are looking for a better job, there has never been a better time to expand your network. Start now and use the free social media tools available.
  • Connect Offline – Learn to use social media tools during your offline networking and job hunting and you will set yourself up for success.
  • Help Others Get Jobs – You will get what you want (a better job) if you help enough people get what they want.

There you have it. Do you have anything you think is critical to job hunting success with social media? Let us know.


Joel Mark Witt is the Publisher of Folk Media and author of 21 Days To Twitter Leadership. He is a producer, author, and speaker who consults with businesses and nonprofits on how to use social media in marketing and communications. Get more from Joel on Twitter.


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