How To Use Twitter Favorites To Get Twitter Followers

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Why Favorites Are Overlooked

Most people don’t know about favorites

Favorites are one of the best kept secrets on Twitter. Most people don’t realize they can favorite specific tweets or they simply favorite haphazardly without any type of strategy.

What Can You Do With Favorites

Save tweets you’d like to reference later

Because tweets are social and they represent real people who write them, they are excellent for showing social proof.

Social proof and testimonials

Show what other people say about you. Much more powerful than anything you can say about yourself.

How To Use Favorites As Social Proof

Locate the good tweets and favorite them

When someone says something nice about you or references you as an authority you should “favorite” that Twitter post. In order to favorite a tweet, simply click on the star on the right of the Twitter post.

Don’t be afraid to ask for good comments

Be bold and ask happy customers and clients to write a quick testimonial about you and your business on their Twitter profile. After they write the tweet, favorite it and begin building your list of testimonials.

Link from your website

An advanced technique to show new followers what people are saying about you is to create a page on your website with a screenshot of your favorite Tweets. Obviously these are tweets that you’ve favorited because people have said nice stuff about you as mentioned before. For an example of how we use this see what others are saying on Twitter about Folk Media.


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