How To Write A Powerful Email Thank You Page

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A good email thank you page is critical

When someone subscribes to your email newsletter it is critical that you thank them immediately for taking action. A “thank-you” page is the page that subscribers to your newsletter are redirected to after they subscribe to your list. This is your chance to once again reconfirm in their mind that they made the right choice to subscribe.

Readers need you to kill their “buyers remorse” immediately

You are trying to gain trust. Be clear up front and congratulate your new subscriber for taking a step toward her goals. Obviously you’ve done a good job “selling” the idea of subscribing to your list. Now put them at ease and calm any buyers remorse.

You need to make sure your messages get delivered

If they don’t get it they can’t read it. It is critical in our spam infested world to actually GET your email into subscriber’s inboxes. One of the ways to do this is to get them to whitelist you. A good thank you page can help you do this.

Get them to like you and invite you in from the start

Your goal is to reinforce your image of a likable and trustworthy person. This goes along with helping them overcome buyer’s remorse. You can take a step further by offering free premium content and other pleasant surprises.

What should your thank you page include

A thank you

Thank your new subscribers and let them know you appreciate the trust and you will honor it.

Tell Subscribers What To Expect

Give straight talk. Let subscribers know upfront what they can expect from you now that they’ve opted in. Be honest. Tell them how often you plan to email and what you intend to share.

IDEA: One idea I’ve learned is to reinforce the value you will be providing by email by asking new subscribers to create a folder on their desktop for all the free stuff you’ll be sending their way. People love free stuff.

Reassure them again that you will not abuse their address

Go over the “we hate spam as much as you do” speech. It’s a good idea to reinforce this when you can.

Get them to whitelist you

Whitelisting refers to the process of notifying an email service provider that a particular sender is NOT spam. Most reputable email marketing services (we use Aweber for this very reason) already have established relationships with receiving email services (e.g. AOL, Yahoo!, etc.).

There is still the ability to lose emails between the email provider and your recipient and it’s a good practice to ask subscribers to add you to their “allowed senders list” and address book.

This does two things. First, it increases the chances of your mail being delivered. Second, it gets them to take some type of action on their end. This is a powerful response. You are basically building a psychological process that gets prospects to “invite you in” to their life.

How to write your thank you page

Include these subjects

  • Thank you
  • Protecting their email statement
  • Ask them to whitelist you

Today’s 10 Minute Exercise: Write your email thank you page.

Be conversational

Write the way you speak. Don’t worry about contractions and other informal ways of writing.

Focus on them

Help your reader by showing them you are on their side. Focus on them and their needs.

Don’t forget the details

Remind them that you will protect their email, get them to whitelist you and be sure to say thanks.

Now go take action.


Toolset Note: While there are many email marketing services out there, we use  Aweber email marketing software. They are inexpensive, have great customer service and will help you build an effective email marketing list quickly.


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