How To Twitter: Measuring Your Twitter Results

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Why Is Measurement Important

If it can’t be measured – it doesn’t exist

We are firm believers that anyone who doesn’t measure their results is wasting their time and money. It could be worse. They could be wasting YOUR time and YOUR money. Measurement is critical for success.

Measurement lets others know the progress

Not only can you gauge how well you are doing on Twitter through measurement, it keeps others in the loop as well. By measuring you keep up the moral of your employees and supervisors.

Measurement shows you your future and adjustments

How will you know where to make adjustments if you don’t measure your results?

What A Measurement System Looks Like

Hashtags – tracking links – and searches

Measurement on Twitter is a new discipline. Every day there are new tools being developed to track how messages are read and repurposed. Currently, the best way to measure is to use a combination of hashtags, trackable links and searches.

Automatic tracking

Of course, like most things online, tracking your metrics can be set up automatically. We recommend that before you set things up on autopilot, you at least understand the mechanics behind manually tracking your Twitter posts. The first step is setting up your Twitter posts to actually be trackable.

How To Set Up Your Measurement system

Begin using hashtags

As we learned earlier, hashtags allow us to label our tweets. Multiple tweets with the same label can be searched and grouped. So by adding a hashtag to your twitter posts you can create a listing of each time that post is retweeted or referenced.

Use a service that allows you to tack links

Services that allow you to shorten your URLs and track them are powerful for measuring clickthroughs. We already mentioned Hootsuite as our link tracking application of choice.


Visit and you will see the most powerful feature of Twitter. From this search bar, you can search millions of conversations in real-time. By searching for a hashtag, username, @mention or other keyword, you can begin to compile a list of followers who have referenced and retweeted your Twitter posts.

By measuring what messages are forwarded & monitoring your clicks on shared links, you can measure how well your Twitter strategy is working.


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