Podcasting for Business-Are Your Customers Worth It

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Written By: Chris Brogan

Are your top 10 best customers worth $50 each and a few hours of your time? Here’s an idea: why not buy a few Apple iPod Shuffles, load them up with recorded audio version of your most important product and service information, or your sales pitch, or your annual report, or whatever else they’re probably not reading in expensively-printed paper format, throw in a little bit of podsafe music in between each bit, and send it out to them?

Think it’s crazy? Christopher S. Penn records a daily podcast about financial aid information, money saving tips, and a little bit of podsafe audio, and he’s brought in millions for his company. Is the show boring? Not at all. Chris has TONS of info that you can use, even if you’re not in financial debt. And he’s got WAYYYYYY more listeners than if he were to write about this all day long and count on people to read his materials.

Is it hard to start podcasting? You need to know about a few tools and methods (like the best application to use to stream audio professionally and at a high-quality) but after that, no. How can you learn about starting out? Attend a PodCamp, read a good book on the topic ( Podcast Academy: The Business Podcasting Book is recommended by me), and start learning by doing.

What do you think? How would your very best customers react to seeing a nicely packaged iPod in their mailbox one morning?

Chris Brogan is a ten year veteran of using social media and technology to build digital relationships for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Chris speaks, blogs, writes articles, and makes media of all kinds at [chrisbrogan.com], a blog in the top 20 of the Advertising Age Power150, and in the top 100 on Technorati.

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