How To Set Up Your Facebook Page For Results – Step By Step Teleseminar

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You’re invited to join us for a free special training teleseminar to learn step-by-step how to set up a Facebook Fan page that generates leads and sales for your business.

[The live teleseminar is over – register below to download the slides and audio]

Here’s just some of the keys you’ll learn by attending this event:

  • Why a Facebook fan page can be a lead magnet for your business.
  • The single biggest mistake you can make that will literally cripple you for the future and possible GIVE away business to your competition. (If you aren’t doing this – you deserve to be left in the dust by all your competitors who do)
  • Plus: answers to all your specific questions. (In fact, feel free to ask some questions below).

My name is Joel Mark Witt and I’m the publisher of Folk Media. Folk Media is on pace to help over 500 small businesses create, use and profit from a  social media marketing in 2010.

On this call, you’ll be learning the same step-by-step Facebook strategies we share with our private clients and that we’ve used to grow our own businesses.

But let me be clear … this is not fluff or theory. When you join us on the call have a notebook ready and prepare to take detailed step-by-step instructions of exactly how to set up and profit from a Facebook fan page.

You see, while so called “social media gurus” tell you to “get out there – listen – and join the conversations” – they don’t share a overall strategy with you to make that a reality. You get this vague idea about using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs – but nothing concrete on HOW to do it.

It’s nice rhetoric – but you need a solid step-by-step plan. The strategies and techniques we teach our clients, used strategically, can create surges of sales leads, attract new clients and ultimately create a steady stream of potential customers for your business.

What we’re going to focus on is a step-by-step Facebook strategy that you can implement right after the call.

We’ll talk about the power of Facebook, how to use Facebook for maximum impact without draining all your time, and literally HAND you a blueprint for fast “guerrilla-style” Facebook marketing. You’ll be able to start doing this right away – without hiring any “guru” or agency!

It is critical that you register for this teleseminar now

After you register, leave your most important questions about Facebook marketing in the comments section below. We’ll answer as many as we can live on the call.

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  1. I utilized the offer of a free 15 minute consultation by Folk Media after having listened to an excellent teleseminar on setting up a Face Book fan page; Joel was an incredible help to me! My page is now up and running and receiving excellent buzz from fans. I am also refining what I can achieve with Twitter as well due to his teams insightful, easy to follow advice and instructions. I am very impressed with Folk Media!

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