Setting Up A WordPress Website For Beginners – Teleseminar

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We’ll show you exactly how to create a website that looks amazing, attracts customers eager to buy what you’re selling and is easy to update and manage using a free tool called WordPress (Even if you don’t know know anything about website code or HTML)

[The live teleseminar is over – register below to download the slides and audio]

Join us for a free teleseminar to learn why major companies like The New York Times, MTV and People Magazine use WordPress and the exact steps you can take to produce a great looking website and attract customers.

Here’s just some of the keys you’ll learn by attending this event:

  • How to make an AWESOME looking website for free using WordPress. I’m not joking. We use WordPress to design and manage the site you are on right now and we don’t know HTML or other web code.
  • WordPress is a free online publishing tool that makes updating your website easy and quick – we’ll show you exactly how this works with screenshots and graphics.
  • Why using a WordPress blog can be the smartest strategy for attracting customers and clients online.
  • We’ll show you how using WordPress to manage a blog is so simple you can literally START USING IT WHILE YOU ARE STILL ON THE CALL!
  • We’ll talk about why Google loves WordPress and how just by using WordPress you will show up to potential customers in search results… which in turn sends customers to your site to buy what you are selling.
  • We’ll show you how you can use WordPress on your own website and can customize it to look how you want (
  • We’ll show you how you can switch the look of your website any time by choosing from thousands of free themes.
  • If used right – WordPress is a “customer attracting machine.” The problem is most people don’t know how to set up and use it properly. We’ll cover the mistakes that you are most likely to make and how to avoid them.
  • Plus: answers to all your specific questions. (In fact, feel free to ask some questions below).

I’m Joel Mark Witt and the publisher of Folk Media. Folk Media is on pace to help over 500 small businesses create, use and profit from a solid social media strategy in 2010.

Joining me for this training is John Lucchetti. He’s an expert at online marketing and a frequent contributor to the Folk Media site.

On the call, you’ll be learning the same WordPress strategies we share with our private clients and which we’ve used to grow our own businesses.

I’m serious – we use WordPress on all our sites – even this one. Look around and see for yourself what a simple free tool can do for your business. It’s very powerful.

What we’re going to focus on is a fast-start version of using WordPress that you can implement right after the call. (or during the call)

We’ll talk about the power of WordPress, the WordPress tools for managing a website without sucking up all your time, and the step-by-step plain English instructions that you can start doing right away – without hiring any “guru” or agency!

On the last teleseminar we had people from all over the world call in. Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Canada and Australia were just some of the places people joined us from.

On this call we have only 100 spots and expect to fill up fast. It is critical that you register for this free teleseminar now

After you register, leave your most important questions about WordPress and blogging in the comments section below. We’ll answer them right here on the post.

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  1. Cool designer says:

    Build a website is really not that tough, and top of all, you can build a website or more for free.
    Build a website is a extremely individual skill and is different with each client.
    It is more about revealing your business to new probable clients and generating new sales.

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