36 Social Media Tips For Nonprofits (via Twitter)

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Here are the tips that we posted this week on Twitter about using social media for your non-profit. You can use Twitter Search to look these up. We used the hashtag #nonprofit to track the conversations. For the future – follow @FolkMedia to stay up to date with online Twitter discussions and tips.

  1. How recent is your online #nonprofit content? Be sure to keep your blogs – Facebook pages and Twitter updates current.
  2. A good rule of thumb for #nonprofits is to post about 1-3 tweets per day.
  3. Take some time today to write about the importance of your #nonprofit social media plan. It will remind you and your team why you are here.
  4. Measurement is the key to showing #nonprofit executives & higher ups the value of social media. Measure everything.
  5. If it can’t be measured it doesn’t exist. This goes for all social media in your #nonprofit.
  6. Have you signed up for the free Folk Media Insider Newsletter? It’s full of business & nonprofit social media strategy http://ow.ly/53k1
  7. The power of twitter for your #nonprofit is listening and searching. Use Twitter search. See our FM sample here http://ow.ly/52JP
  8. Try an online social media press release for your #nonprofit. Check out @PitchEngine: http://ow.ly/52Kv
  9. Social media allows #nonprofits cheap & free ways to spread the word – gain donors – and get feedback. Remember – “free” does cost.
  10. Just like a good PR campaign – it makes sense to have a well crafted twitter plan for your #nonprofit.
  11. What is one thing your staff could do to hit home the need for funds when talking with your #nonprofit constituents? Use SM to talk about it.
  12. Question: What is one thing you could be doing for your #nonprofit to raise more funds online?
  13. Use social media to showcase you #nonprofit staff. Most of them are not at your organization for money. They crave kudos instead.
  14. Think about a spot in your #nonprofit office for a small studio. You can use the space to shoot update videos & interviews.
  15. Think of your #nonprofit as a media channel. Don’t rely on traditional media – make your own.
  16. Use the web to get out the word about your #nonprofit. Use video – audio – photos. Think beyond the press release.
  17. Don’t lose sight of using Twitter to build good relations in your community as a #nonprofit.
  18. Social media lends itself to be used by #nonprofits more than any other business or organization.
  19. Use Twitter to publicly recognize volunteers in your #nonprofit. People love acknowledgment.
  20. #Nonprofit is your legal tax status – not your business plan. Donors are key & social media can help you reach them.
  21. For your #nonprofit “dinner video” for this year – What are you doing to be creative?
  22. Have you considered skipping this year’s #nonprofit “dinner video” and instead create a series for YouTube videos over time?
  23. Twitter isn’t for every #nonprofit. Be wise when using social media. It’s not for every organization.
  24. What are you doing this week for your #nonprofit that is different from similar or competing organizations?
  25. #Nonprofit volunteers: be sure that your personal tweets & profiles don’t embarrass or cast your organization in negative light.
  26. Does your #nonprofit take donations online? If not – why? You can start right now with PayPal. http://ow.ly/534T
  27. One of the biggest obstacles #nonprofits face is showing the Executive Director the value of social media.
  28. #Nonprofit directors want proof that social media works. Give them proof and stats.
  29. Also – be helpful with your #nonprofit Twitter posts. Don’t just tweet out events and news.
  30. What is the one thing you can do right now to spread the word about your #nonprofit? Do it.
  31. Social media can seem daunting – it’s one more hat to wear at your #nonprofit. Spread the work.
  32. Would you like your organization featured on our @FolkMedia list of social media #nonprofits? Let us know.
  33. Consider building a lens for your #nonprofit over at Squidoo. http://ow.ly/53dm
  34. Spend the time to practice social media and learn the language and methods. You #nonprofit will thank you.
  35. Be human. #Nonprofits are made up of people – not robots. Remember people give to people not organizations.
  36. #Nonprofit Tip – segment nonprofit social media tasks to staff – volunteers – and interns. The goal is to free up your time.

What non-profit social media tips would you add to this list? You can post them below in the comments or join the discussion in real time on Twitter.

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