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Trust is at the core of business. Your customers will spend money with you in proportion to how much they trust you and your company. Online media provides an excellent tool set for you to build trust and maintain customer relationships.  Business is about people. Your sales are dependent on the people who trust you and your company enough to purchase from you. The use of online media is the fastest growing method to build trust with your potential clients and customers on a large scale.

After reading this short guide you will be ready to promote and strengthen your business by way of online media such as blogs, audio/video podcasts, and social networks. These techniques require minimal time investment and are free or of very low cost.

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  • We’ll answer the question – “What is it about blogs that make them marketing dynamite?
  • Secrets to using online email marketing.
  • Tons of free resources and tips.
  • Several creative ways to demonstrate your products and services.
  • How to create communities of raving fans using social media sites like Facebook.
  • The answer to why Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Martha Stewart are so wealthy and how you can tap into the same methods they use.
  • Podcasts and online video explained in plain English.
  • Simple easy-to-follow strategies for using social media in the real world.
  • Twitter – what is it – how to use it.
  • Profiles of smart marketers that are rocking their sales and marketing.
  • Non-profit guides and strategies tailored specific not for profit issues.


Folk Media is a new media publishing studio that specializes in helping businesses produce, distribute, and promote online media like blogs, audio podcasts, video and Facebook fan pages that drive sales and promote your business on the Internet.