The Concept of Twitter: Explained

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You may or may not have heard of Twitter yet. It exploded in popularity recently and now it seems like just about everyone is using it. I had it explained to me once, “It’s like micro-blogging. You could post about your bad day, or that you just got a mocha cappuccino at Starbucks and it was lukewarm!”… to which I promptly replied, “you disgust me; twitter disgusts me”. The idea of people posting 140 character entries throughout the day sounded just a little too egocentric to me. It wasn’t until I actually registered my own account out of curiosity and absorbed myself in its culture that I began to understand the niche Twitter fills. It was also about the same time I realized how horrible my friend is at explaining new ideas. So let me do my best to avoid his pitfalls and explain, simply, what Twitter is, why it’s fun, and how it can benefit your company.

Do not think of Twitter as a micro-blog. Think of it as an ongoing conversation at a party that never, ever ends. At this party are your friends, interesting people you’ve never met, and people you would do best to stay away from. Yes, there are people gathering to talk about why their day isn’t going so well, but there are also people talking about their favorite movies and books, sharing ideas, making connections, helping others, and marketing their business. The diversity is immense and can be overwhelming depending on your point of view. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that Twitter is like a conversation at a party and not a collection of blogs. No one can party forever (Slurms McKenzie proved that) and that’s perfectly okay. No one expects you to keep up with every post (or “tweet”) they make. Just drop by for a little bit, share some thoughts or ideas, then drop out. See? It’s not overwhelming anymore, is it? With this mindset, Twitter is a very likable thing indeed. It’s a fascinating and wonderful new way to interact with people.

Now you may not have much interest in making new friends. You might already have too many, or, you may be in your computer room with the door locked avoiding some right now. Either way, I have some great news for you. Twitter is also a great way to market your business on the internet. Like many other forms of social media, it’s an easy way to create and nurture a community around your business – and we all know how important that is. It gives your business a face and a human touch. It’s also an easy way to update people about the latest news: You’re releasing a new product? Someone important interviewed you and you want to link to the article? You want some quick feedback about your business or website? You made a horrible mistake and want to explain your side of the story? Twitter is great for all of these things. If you don’t believe me, look around Twitter and in seconds you’ll find entrepreneurs and businesses tweeting day and night. The proof is in the pudding. And the pudding is good – even if you’re the last person to grab a bite.


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