Three Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Something Else Right Now

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You should close this article and do something else with your day.

Yes, I said it.  I’m trying to convince you to stop reading this article.  Honestly, I don’t care about your retweets or comments.  If this post received no Twitter glory, I wouldn’t lose sleep.  Why is my behavior so odd and my attitude so negative?

It’s not.  You’re just not used to being productive.

It’s estimated that the average American worker wastes more than two hours a day on the Internet while on the job.  In a standard 40-hour work week, the average worker is productive for only 32 hours.  But, what does the average person read about?  It’s a tough call but I’d like to guess that most people are reading about things they can improve or things they’re interested in doing.  For example, Bob the new homeowner might waste his eight hours looking at home repair information.

We’re a curious breed and we’re always looking for something to occupy our time.  Why wouldn’t a majority of our Internet activity reflect that notion?

That brings us to you and this article.  Why are you reading this article?  Is it because the title caught you?  Are you on this site to learn more about social media?  It could be a number of things but you’re here.

It’s time to put down the instruction booklet and close the Internet browser.  It’s time to do something.

Yes, I said it.

1.  Learn

When you get out of the chair or the cubicle and start doing something, you begin to learn about numerous things.  Naturally, you learn about what you’re doing.  If you’ve decided to unfollow a few users on Twitter, you’re going to find out the method that works for you and is most efficient.  In the exampe of Bob the new homeowner, he might learn by fixing a few things around the house.

But, most importantly, you learn about yourself.  You learn about the areas where you excel and the areas that might require a little extra effort to get things done.  Case in point, I’ve learned that blogging takes a little extra time for me.  I need to allot a portion of my morning to blogging and if I don’t, I’ll get distracted and I’ll never get my post finished.  I learned this because I tried it.  You can’t learn about yourself if you don’t do something.

2.  Produce

It’s pretty obvious but I need to say it: you can’t produce unless you start doing.  It’s a simple fact.  If you don’t put what you have learned into action, you’re never going to be productive.  For example, over the past two or three years, I have learned that I am the beginning part of my day.  I have the most energy, the best creative thoughts, and the most concentration.  If I refused to acknowledge this fact, I wouldn’t have the chance to produce blog posts, email responses, school term papers, and anything else I accomplish on a daily basis.

In order to produce, you need to start doing.  Get out of your seat and move.  Log into Twitter create a profile for your business.  You’ve read about how to do it but you’ve been putting it off.  You won’t produce if you don’t start somewhere.

3.  Teach

This is the best part about getting something accomplished.  Now that you’ve mastered the art of doing, you can share your knowledge and experience with others.  In essence, you’re paying it forward.

Going from unproductive to productive is one of the biggest shifts a person can make in their life.  Believe it or not, a lot of things revolve around your productivity and willingness to do.  For example; if you don’t pay your bills, your credit will be bad.  If you aren’t productive at work, you won’t get a raise.  If you don’t clean the basement, your house will be full of junk.  Productivity leads to effective living.  It’s one of the best gifts you can share with someone.

If all went according to plan, no one should be reading this right now.  If you are, I’ll leave you with a final thought.  Doing something is a critical part of your success, both at home and on the job.  From a social media standpoint, if you don’t do anything, you won’t be able to keep up with the changing world of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  You need to go out and get your hands dirty; stay in the trenches.  But, on a personal note, getting things accomplished is a great motivator for a better life.  Once you feel the rush of completing a task, even a small one, you’ll be hooked and you won’t want to stop.

Eric Alpin is the Associate Editor of Folk Media and works for a telecommunications company in Baltimore, Md. He is a social media enthusiast, blogger, writer, and student with a passion for leadership and self-development strategies and techniques. Find out more about Eric on Twitter.

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