Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media

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1. It’s free

Unlike other forms of media and advertising which cost money, social media is free. Social media does require creativity and effort, but no money. Of course if you are serious about using social media you’ll spend on human resources.

2. It builds legacy over time

As you begin posting articles and tips you are building a legacy for the future. Each piece of information you post builds on the last. Before you know it you’ve built an entire library of content that, if taken as a whole, is an an asset it itself.

3. Can help you brand your business as an authority

It doesn’t matter if you are using social media for yourself or your business, you can literally brand yourself online. The fastest way to do this is to solve people’s problems online. As you solve problems and help others you will become a trusted resource, which builds your brand.

4. Gives a personality and face to your business

Along with branding of your business, you have the opportunity to make your business human. Because of the social aspect of social media you can put a face to your business. You need to create a tone and style that people will begin to resonate with in spite of your content and products.

5. Your competitors are doing social media

Remember that every other business in your industry and market is facing the same opportunities and challenges with social media. Don’t be left behind.

6. You can empower your fans to help you spread the word

Because social media is easy to share, you are empowering those who know, like and trust you to be your biggest marketing force. Give them that power.

7. Be in control of the Google results

When you Google your business name what comes up? By having a strong social media presence you will control the search results much better than trying to pay a company to manage your SEO and search presence.

8. Great lead generation

Social media allows you to reach people where they are. You can reach out and connect with your target prospects through legitimate online social networks and groups. By jumping into the conversation you will eventually earn the right to invite folks back to your site. Over time you can create a lead generation machine and put people on your email list.

9. Access to leaders through social media

The barriers of phone, email and physical distance have been shattered with social media. Now you can talk directly to a big time celebrities like Ashton Kutcher or CEOs like Michael Hyatt simply by sending them a Twitter message. The world is flat because of social media.

10. Give customers a feedback loop

People want to feel understood. They want to know your business and the face of your business (see #4 above) cares. The conversation is happening with or without you. It is a good idea to give your customers a place to give feedback or they’ll create it themselves.

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