Twitter For Business Quick Tips

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1. Use to shorten your log URLs when you post them into Twitter. Otherwise it may run over 140 characters

2. It’s good to have more than one person in your company posting to Twitter. But I would recommend still having the faces behind the account.

3. How to use Twitter for your business. Great advice from @copyblogger

4. As a business Tweet about other people and their businesses. Spread the love – it will come back to help you in the end.

5. A lot of people new to Twitter try to read every post. Impossible. Don’t even try. Treat it like a stream and dip in and out when you can.

6. If you really want to dig into Twitter use the search feature ( Look up your biz – you might be surprised.

7. Tweets make it possible to have your thoughts go viral. People will spread your ideas across the web. Very #ideavirus.

8. RT means Retweet / @ is how you reply to someone / using a # is called a “hashtag” and puts metadata to tweets.

9. When using Twitter for business – Twitter works great as an instant opinion or survey poll.

10. The power of Twitter is in the listening and searching.

11. Twitter is a great place to get real time insights into questions you ask. It’s like instant market research.

12. Twitter Quick Tip: Two great desktop Twitter Apps: and

13. Twitter is a good way to drive traffic to your site. Build a special landing page specifically for Twitter traffic.

14. “Twitter is not about making money, it is about building relationships.” – Shawna Coronado.

15. Twitter is simply a tool. Don’t get bogged bown by it. Only use it if it makes sense for your company. Not all tools are the best choice for every situation.

Joel Mark Witt is a producer, speaker, and new media leader who writes about social media and its impact in the business world. He is also the Founding Director of Folk Media. Send him an email: joelmarkwitt (at) or follow him on Twitter.

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